Hiring a bail bond company like Bail Bond Specialists can be a right approach to get released from jail if you or some of your loved ones have been arrested in Boca Raton, Florida for a civil or criminal offense. In this write-up, we are going to discuss this company as well as the concept of bail bonds in brief, for your consideration.  

About Bail Bonds Specialists 

Bail Bond Specialists is the #1 bail bond agency in Boca Raton, Florida on which you can rely for your bail bond related needs in any part of Florida. We can help you in taking you out of jail instantly after your arrest. We feel contended after helping our clients. Our payment options are also very flexible. 

Be Familiar with Bail Bonds 

The word Bail is used when an arrestee or criminal defendant has to be released before the final verdict of the court. In order to get bail, the defendant or someone else has to pay some money to the court in which the criminal case against him is pending.

This money is paid to ensure the return of the defendant into the court until the process of criminal justice is on. Thus, bail offers an opportunity to the defendant to remain free throughout the proceedings of the case as it ensures his return to the court as and when required.  

In this way, bail not only allows the defendant to live freely but also reduces the use of space in the jail unless he returns back to the court to attend the proceedings of his criminal or civil case. It can help in releasing people at any stage of their case, whether it is immediately after the arrest or after a sentence has been issued by the court.  

Schedule of a Bail Bond in Boca Raton, Florida  

The schedule of a bail bond in any state is the list of the amount of the money to be paid as bail by the defendant for every crime he has committed. This amount is fixed by the court handling the related case, on the basis of state laws, depending upon the level and seriousness of each crime. These laws also allow the judge to increase or decrease the amount of bail money, as they feel right. 

Bail Bond vs. Surety Bond  

The bail bond can also be called as surety bond as the agent, who accepts the payment for bail amount from the defendant, uses this bond as surety offered by the defendant to be present in the court until the case is finally closed by the court. The fees of the bondsmen vary from 10% to15% of the amount of bail set by the court, depending upon the area of the crime, state or federal. After taking this payment as surety the bond agent will work on behalf of the defendant.  

The defendant or his supporters have to provide some kind of security or collateral to avail the services of a bondsman. They may also ask the defendant to sign a contract containing the terms and conditions of the agreement so that he can physically handle the items used as security and recover his money by selling or seizing them in case of non-compliance of the agreement.  

Cost of Hiring a Bond Agent 

The defendant has to bear the cost of hiring a bail agent in the form of paying his fee for availing his services along with signing a security agreement or handing him over the physical possession of the collateral. After bearing this cost the defendant has to comply with the terms of the agreement until the final decision of the court on the criminal case. If the defendant complies with the agreement, then his collateral will be returned to him, but the fee of the agent will not be refunded in any case. 

Bail Collateral 

The security offered in lieu of or in addition to the money of the bail fixed by the court to release the arrested person is known as bail collateral. It can be in the shape of jewelry, a house or any other item that have value more than the value of the bail amount. The court or the bail agent will give you a deed or a pink slip as a token of trust for the collateral you have agreed upon.  

The property used as collateral for bail can be used by the court to collect its bail money if the defendant does not appear in the court during the proceedings by seizing and selling it. The value of the property should be 150% of the bail money as its value will be based on the equity in the estate as well as it takes time to recover money from the property.  

Whether the defendant is sentenced by the court or considered innocent, the collateral will be returned to the defendant or his supporters if he appears in the court every time during the proceedings otherwise it can be seized by the court or the agent.  

The collateral may not be returned in full if the defendant has to pay some premium to the bond agent. The bail collateral will be paid back within 5 working days after the conclusion of the case and payment of the financial obligations.  

Public Availability of the Information of the Bail Bond 

Normally, the information about the agent posting the bail bond and the amount of bail is open to the public as it is on the record of the court handling the case. But personal information provided by the defendant to the bond agent cannot be made public as they are confidential as per the Code of Ethics of bondsmen. But they can provide such information to the attorney on request if it can be used as evidence in a civil or criminal case if the policy of the company allows for it. 

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You can bail out yourself or your loved ones from any jail in this region just by providing information about the time and place of arrest and the information related to us. 

Thus, you can avail the services of Bail Bond specialists if you or your loved ones have been arrested for some criminal or civil offense on Boca Raton, Florida. We can help you in releasing from jail immediately.


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