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You might be searching for someone to help you in getting released from the jail if you or your loved ones have been arrested in Orlando, Florida for a criminal or civil offense. In such condition, a bail bond company like Jail Bail Bonds Orlando can help you by posting bail on your behalf or in behalf of a loved one in court.


At Jail Bail Bonds Orlando, our team of honest and extremely professional bondsmen will reply to your request fast and efficiently. We promise to get you or your loved one out of jail in a few hours, if not immediately. And because we know how devastating this process can be on your part, we will handle it with the utmost of respect, privacy, and integrity.  

Our bondsmen are highly trained and experienced to handle any unique bail needs that you could have. We understand that these are hard times for you and your loved ones and for that, we are very flexible with our payment options. We work with your financial situation, charge a very reasonable premium, and our repayment terms are easy to understand.  

We believe that you have a right to understand the entire bail bond process, from the bail hearing to how repayments will be made. If you have any questions regarding the process, we are happy to explain. Ours is to help, not complicate things for you . 

If you are new to bails and bonds, we have prepared a simple guide for you to understand what these legal processes are and how they work within the jurisdiction of Orlando.


Bail is a term used to describe the temporary release of an accused person, otherwise known as a criminal defendant or an arrestee, preliminary to the end of their criminal case in court. The defendant or someone on behalf of the defendant pays money to the court as a guarantee that the accused will return to court when required to for the rest of the trial process.

It is important to note that bail is not a punishment to an accused before the court has determined whether they are guilty or not. Rather, it’s a way to guarantee that the criminal defendant will avail themselves during court proceedings without necessarily having to spend the whole time in custody.  Whether it’s immediately after an arrest or sentencing by the court, a person can be released on bail at almost any stage of the trial process.

There are three possible outcomes after a person is arrested: They could be released before charges are pressed; they could be arrested, charged then released on bail; or they could be arrested, charged and then remain in custody until the criminal case has concluded.  

In the criminal justice process, bail serves as an important role in two main ways: It helps in limiting the amount of jail space needed for accused  persons and it ensures the person released will come back to the court when he is required to. 


Lists of bail amounts that are attributed to individual crimes in any given jurisdiction are known as bail schedules. The appropriate amount of bale for a crime is determined by state laws. State laws also determine if a person can be released without bail after an arrest and whether a person is allowed to post bail or wait for a bail hearing after being booked.

Judges can also reduce or increase bail when deemed appropriate by the court, but this is also determined within the state laws. 


A bail bond is a form of bail payment on behalf of an accused person by the bond agent also known as a bondsman. Bondsmen are people in the business of paying bond for accused persons. The accused persons, in turn, pay a fee to the bond agent who agrees to act as a surety. In the event that an accused person fails to appear in court when he or she is required, the bond agent is required to pay the full bond amount.  


The bond agent charges a fee which is usually a percentage of the amount of bail set by the court. For a state bond, the premium is usually 10% of the bail amount while for a federal bond it’s usually 15%. The fee is non-refundable once the accused has been bailed out by the bondsman.

It’s customary for the accused person or person paying the fee to provide collateral or some form of security against the bond and to sign a contract that states the terms of the agreement. For example, an accused person may provide their car for security; if the defendant fails to appear in court, the bond agent can repossess the car and recover the full bond amount. 

If the accused complies with the bond conditions, the agent is expected to release the lien or return the collateral once the case is concluded. Even so, the fee charged by the bondsman is non-refundable no matter the outcome of the case. 


Bail collateral is offered in the place of or in addition to the bail money so as to secure the release of the person arrested. Collateral usually comes in many forms such as jewelry, houses, cars or any other valuable asset.

It is usually to ensure that the accused does not miss their day in court. In most cases, bail collateral takes the form of property. In this instance, if an individual fails to appear in court, the property they had placed for collateral is seized and sold.  

Property placed on collateral must have a value equal to at least 150% of what is owed to the court. As stated earlier, it doesn’t whether the accused is found not guilty and released or found guilty and sentenced; the collateral is returned once the case is concluded.

However, the full collateral may not be returned when a bond agent is involved if a premium had been put in place. The premium will depend on negotiations between the bond agent and the accused person or the person bailing the accused from jail. 


The bond is filed with the court where the case is pending; general information about the bond is, therefore, public record. Personal information collected by the bond agent about a person is not released because of a Code of Ethics that bond agents must adhere to. However, a lawyer can get a subpoena to obtain some information from the bond agency that might be used as evidence in an ongoing criminal case. 


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